Leadership Expert Makes The Right Choice: Speaker & Author Kerry Hardy Inspires People To Find Success, Live as Leaders!


I Was An Expert at Trouble!

14 years ago, a young man’s life was changed forever when he was arrested and incarcerated for selling a controlled substance.

Faced with the inevitable, he decided to utilize his time in prison to further his education and plot a new path for himself. Refusing to accept failure, his choice was to make things right and find success! Little did he know that making the right choice while in prison, would soon impact the lives of thousands of young people, everywhere.

Six years later, that young man emerged from prison with a 2nd lease on life and a heart for leadership. That young man was me.

Now, an expert worldwide speaker and author, my powerful speeches have captivated audiences from all walks of life, providing them with a blueprint for achieving immeasurable success.


What Made The Difference?

You’ve probably wondered what it is that makes such a difference in the life of a young person. What can cause a young person to make the right choice – even in the midst of a very bad situation? The answer is what makes my presentation unlike any other. My presentations involve a unique approach and center around common sense principles and a philosophy of personal achievement, designed to reach youth with a simplistic style of teaching that enables me to effectively communicate my powerful message to people – from all walks of life – in a manner that is both inspiring and uplifting.

My goal is to provide youth the knowledge they need to make them better students, who focus on long term goals – and then I take it a step further! I challenge young people to LEAD and never settle for being a follower only, and I give them the tools needed to find success in living as leaders.

You see, what sets me apart as an expert on leadership, is this: I don’t just tell you how to be successful – I don’t just talk about my success – I show young people what makes right choices so valuable, how to make the right choice – in every situation – and then provide young people with the right tools to live life more successfully as a leader.

My ability to connect with an audience and make a true impact on people’s lives, specifically our youth, is a rare gift and one from which your audience will benefit for the rest of their lives – and I’ll keep you and your audience on the edge of your seats while I do it!

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~Kerry Hardy
Choice Leadership Expert, Speaker & Author

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